Villamare 1PC Swimsuit

Villamare 1PC Swimsuit

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This must-have on trend one piece swimsuit was designed with a modern day retro chic vibe. This style features a gathered elastic short sleeve accompanied by a mid cut-out giving this swimsuit a contemporary yet unique look. They took their best selling animal print fabric and transformed the look by highlighting the print with a soft pastel pink and a bright cornflower blue. 

Fit: This style is designed to be fitted around the chest and the hips. Runs true to size. 

Fabric: This design is made with our premium buttery soft UPF/SPF 50+ swim fabric which is composed of a blend of polyester and elastane giving this style durability, comfort and quick drying capabilities. 

Care Instructions:

  • WASH ASAP- The less time bacteria has to set in, the better. Give it a rinse with water immediately after use.
  • HAND WASH WHEN POSSIBLE- Hand washing is much more gentle on your swimsuit and does not agitate all the delicate parts like a cycle with the washing machine would do.  Never wash your swimsuit in hot water.
  • SOAP- We recommend washing your swimsuit with a mild hand soap or a detergent meant for delicates such as swimwear.
  • DRY- Resist the urge to wring out and twist every last drop of water out of your swimsuit. Doing so can damage the fibers and leave the piece sagging in all of the wrong places. Hanging a swimsuit can stretch it out as well so we suggest laying the suit on a towel, roll up the towel and squeeze gently, then lay your swimsuit flat to dry. Avoid drying in the sun as this can fade vibrant colors.
  • PREP- We recommend prepping your new swimsuit before taking it to the beach or pool. A 30- minute soak in a vinegar/water mixture ( 1 tbsp white vinegar per one quart of water) should help prevent the dye from bleeding.